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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eww Why Me?!

I really gotta stop fucking with blasts from the past.
If you refer back to the "Keep It 100" blog...yeah that bitch is back. And getting on my nerves more than ever. I officially gave up on that months ago, and sure enough when summer vacay started he popped back into my life YET AGAIN. Although he still failed to mention he had a girlfriend. You dudes really let twitter get y'all caught up. Anyways he was literally pestering me for WEEKS about giving him some when I had no type of interest in him anymore. Once I stop fucking with you I REALLY stop fucking with you. He would always text me all kinds of crazy shit, like "whaddup hoe" or "girl i can work my dick i know how to fuck" and "you bein a scary bitch" amongst other things. I knew he didn't mean to insult me, he just thought it was cute banter. I was not amused. He took my not wanting to fuck him as being scary. Like it was impossible to believe I really didn't wanna fuck with him like that. I had a friend pass away unfortunately last month and I felt like he might have used that opportunity to "be there for me" as another way to weasel his way back. Didn't really work. I tried my best to be nice to him for the simple fact we had been such good friends the previous years but he was really about to have me go the hell off on him. Me and Curly Fries were talking about it cause he happened to be friends with him too. He thought the situation was funny and sad because "its sad to see weed has made my friend so desperate for pussy" and as much as he would like to say he wasn't desperate, he really was. There was no need to text me every day asking when we were gonna fuck. None at all. We made a bet: Curly Fries said his dick would be small and he wouldn't last more than 7 minutes...which wasn't really a bet at all because I thought more or less the same thing.
Finally after weeks of trying I finally snapped. I told him "Look. If I do this, and it's terrible, I'm gonna tell you then I'm never speaking to you again". Of course he was waaaaay over confident in his skills. Then he asks when he's coming over here. Bitch...NEVER. I told him he would never step foot in my house again. Then he goes on about always having people at his house blah blah blah "we can just chill in the car" Bitch you are cuh-razy. I have never fucked you before. And you can't go hopping in the backseats of cars with boys all willy nilly. Car sex is difficult enough as it is, and if you can't fuck...that just makes it worse. I told this idiot I'd rather fuck him in a bed so I could at least see if the sex would be worth anything but once again, confidence over shadowed common sense. One night he comes and picks me up and I could really give two fucks about it. My gut told me it would be terrible but I did it anyways. I should probably start listening to my gut more often. Hygiene Gods forgive me for being so triflin' but let me tell you how much I DIDN'T care: I didn't put on deodorant, I had on sweats and a hoodie and I didn't wash my hair. All I did was wash my ass pretty much. SO we're sitting in the car for like an hour going back and forth about why I'm just not turned on by him anymore (his fuckery) and he's like can we please just put it behind us I'm sorry Fine whatever. His car is tiny by the way. Foreshadowing much? He's all slumped over invading my personal space and I'm thinking "stop touching me". Then he starts kissing me and the entire time he's moaning. I'm like why the fuck are you moaning?! Shut up!!! He stops and suggests we move to the backseat. I look back there, and look at him like he's crazy. There was NO room back there, and there was no way in HELL I was bringing that fuckery into MY car. So we got into the backseat. (I'm getting annoyed all over again writing this shit). Let the making out commence. I wish it would've stopped there. But NOOOOOOOOOO. And the fucked up thing was while we were making out I could feel my body betraying me. He wasn't a terrible kisser but he wasn't AMAZING, so I couldn't understand why I was so wet! I was like wtf is really going on...God is playing a cruel joke on me once again. In the middle of kissing he asks me all moan-y and shit "Mmmm grab my dick mmmm" and he shoves my hand in his shorts. Mind you I'm still kissing him. First off, his dick was wet like he just shot out hella precum. Ick. Then I felt how small it was. And I thought "That bitch Curly Fries was right" and started smiling. Smiling while kissing= no go. He asked me what and I was like oh hmm ha nothing...But I was like this night can't possibly get any worse. Oh yes it can, cause this is ME we're talking about. So I'm trying to keep my composure while we're kissing, and I can't even play with is dick I kept stopping and just held it and he would grab my hand and give me another jump start. I just had no desire to play with his peepee. Then he pulled away, pulled his shorts down and tried to take them off. But once again there was NO room so it was just knees hitting seats and acrobatic shit going on, just plain ol' awful. Finally he gets them off and he has me climb on top. I didn't even have the energy to ride him so I just half assed it hoping he would cum hella quick. Oh no, not him. So we switch between me semi riding him and him giving me his sorry ass excuses of thrusts, the whole time I'm just rolling my eyes. He commented on how wet I was and I just wanted to be like "I don't even know how the fuck that happened but I am NOT enjoying this shit" But I just said "Mmmhmm..." Finally I couldn't take anymore of this fuck ass shit so I got off. He was like "Sorry its so small back here" and all I said was "This was a terrible fucking idea". He asked me to give him head and that was meant with a firm hell no. Then he was like "You want me to bend you over the hood and fuck you huh" No sir, no I just want you to take me back home. He apologized once before he dropped me of and I told him I'd call him. Sike.

That shit was terrible and he knew it. "...know how to fuck" my ASS you liar! But I knew better tho...I diddddddd and yet I subjected myself to that fuck shit. Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The only way he's gonna get another shot isif he gets a penile implant and drinks 6 Red Bulls. And even then I may still say no.
It's like the good ones don't come around often enough (If they ever come back) and the bad ones always stick around no matter how mean I am to them. What the fuck kinda ass backwards shit is that?!?!?! I'ma just quit sex one day and turn this into a cooking blog. Or a scrapbooking blog. Cause I can't take much more of this shit./

I still gotta write about:
-The Mexican across town and how his dog stared into my soul during sex
-Yet ANOTHER fail on Happenis's part. The quality of our sessions are steady going down:/
-Another L.A. prospect and Grade A peach eater. Damn his magical tongue trickery.

Y'all gotta be more on my ass about updating this thing. I forget to sometimes.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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