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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Gummy Bear Dude. And His Dog.

Sorry about my hiatus babes and gents. I've been verrrry very lazy lately. And I hate blogging from my netbook cause sometimes the buttons on my keyboard don't work, then I start looking illiterate. So I have to wait to be able to use the family computer and blah blah blah other things you don't care about everyone just wants to hear about how Happenis and I are doing. Lol. Well I told you I had to do three blogs for you so here goes.

So there's the boy I told you guys I casually fuck every now and then? The Gummy Bear dude aka The Mexican Across Town (cause he lives in east jesus nowhere). Well anyways, after the gummy bear night he decided to start sneaking me into the house and we would chill in his room. Bong rips, shot guns and sex. And if you aren't familiar with smoker terminology a shot gun is when a guy takes a hit and then passes the smoke to a girl (or guy. whatever floats your boat) like he's doing cpr. Usually ends in a kiss. And no I'm not a smoker now. I swear. Anyways so the first time we had sex in the room it was nice He starts with going down on me, then we switch. And his bed is really high off the ground so he'll usually bend me over the bed. The only thing that sucks is when his family is there and we have to be quiet, cause then that means I can't get it rough:/ . We had sex once, then we were just chillin' for a minute and I see him start stoking his junk. I'm like "Ohhh, round two?" and he was like "I don't know, maybe if you can get it hard again". That wasn't too hard. No pun intended. Let round two commence! So I think I was on all fours on his bed and I heard what sounded like someone trying to open his door. He didn't seem concerned so I was like whatever. Then all of a sudden the door opens slightly and I've never seen that boy move so fast. I remember as I watched him run to the door I kept looking at his ass, thinking about how small it was. And it made me laugh (on the inside). But he's a skinny boy, so I can't knock him. But that kinda ended our night:/
The next time I saw him, it was more or less of the same thing. We started off with a few bong rips but this time his dog kept scratching the door so he was like "I gotta let her in." okay, fine. He let's his big ass pit into the room and immediately she starts jumping on me. I'm like uhhhhhhhh...okay. And for some reason he had to leave the room so it was just me and the dog. I tried to get on the bed and she was like "No bitch. I'm the only bitch in his life." and started fucking with me. When I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet hanging off she would jump on my back and lick my face. And she was HEAVY. Then I crawled into the middle of the bed and sat on my knees. Then she kept walking around me in circles and whacking me with her tail. It reminded me of getting whopped with a belt. That shit was painful! I swear she was doing it on purpose. and I couldn't move cause she kept circling me like she didn't want me to move outta her sight. Finally The Gummy Bear dude comes back and he tries unsuccessfully to get her to leave me alone. He puts her on the ground and tries to make a pallet for her on the ground and she'd rather be on the bed. Ugh. Whyyyy can't we just put the dog outside?! Finally it seems as though she's finally listening to him so she lies down. And after he calls the dog a cock block lol he pulls the covers over his head and gives me head. And at first I was enjoying it, that is until I turned my head to the side. The dog was staring at me with that confused doggy face, the one where they cock their head to one side and just stare at you. And I swear his dog was staring into my soul at that point. And it kinda creeped me out lol.I kinda laughed and he poked his head out the blanket so see what was going on and then scolded her again. Finally she left us to do our thing, and the entire time I kept thinking about his dog's face! we finish up and then I go on my merry way. I haven't seen him since then, but I seriously hope the next time when I do go have sex in his house the dog is far, far away.
I just feel weird. Like I know my dog is a dog, but I won't even let him see me naked. I feel weird about it! As if he's a little baby and shouldn't be looking at naked people. Hence why I dress him up in cute little outfits. Anyways....

One down, two more to go. And they will post automatically so hopefully this will hold you off for a while.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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