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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh Happenis...

FINALLY. I actually have some damn time to sit here and write about the telenovela drama known as Happenis and I. I've gotten so lazy when it comes to writing about him and i have no clue why. Especially since everyone likes him so much (when he isn't being an ass).
Basically what happened was our sex life hit a speed bump. He had stopped drinking, and as we all know we can only have (good) sex when he's drunk. So The night I dressed up in the school girl outfit he came over, fucked me for a little bit, then watched Gulliver's Travels (that movie is funny as fuck idgaf what ANYONE says) and he refused to fuck me again so I made him leave. The next time I saw him he fucked em in his bang bus rapist van (he has a car now!) and once again it wasn't that long. I was so confused as to what the fuck was going on. This was so unlike him! The next time I saw him it literally lasted five minutes and I was PISSED. Halfway thru I noticed he was slowing down which meant he was about to cum but he wasn't ready. I stopped moving and told him "Nope. Not again." and he said it'll be more than once calm down. As soon as he said that he busted and reneged on his deal. "Well maybe it will just be once". You asshole! I was snatching my clothes and condoms off the floor and he was asking me why I was so mad and I should be happy I got something. Now, I was slightly intoxicated and I said some not so nice things to him like

"That was bullshit. you could've kept that!"
"The drive over here was longer than the actual sex"
"Idk what's going on with you but if it's gonna continue to be like this I don't wanna do this anymore."

Well, he didn't like that last part so he hit me with "Well I'm moving away anyways so tonight was the last time. I'm doing me. No drinking. No parties. Goodnight." and I was like well fuck you too then! I assumed we were officially over but I knew better than that! About three weeks later he hit me up asking if I was awake and "yes I'm intoxicated" But damnit I was at work! I swear he has the best fucking timing ever. The week after I decided to take a day off to see him. I was kinda super drunk that night so everything is a bit fuzzy. I remember going to his house and us having sex briefly, and then he said something about my boobs to which I answered "Oh whatever don't act like you don't like them", He wouldn't say yes so I literally followed him down the street to his friend's house like a crazy person with my dress half on and he was telling his friend to tell me I had nice boobs so I'd go home. I think I punched him and bit him on the man titty. Smh. And his friend told me "Nice african dress". It was a blue, pink & white dress with cheetah print -__________-. I left, came back with a burrito and we had sex again. I was only semi satisfied with his performance, but def an upgrade from the last few times.

CUT TO this past Friday. He hit me up last week while I was at work AGAIN (like he doesn't know my work schedule by n ow) and even tho I had just taken a friday off two weeks prior, I decided I needed another "vacation" day. Once again I got drunk, got tacos and picked him up. He had his friend with him so we went and kicked it with some of my other friends where everyone was drinking and smoking. And I kept encouraging him to keep drinking beer and taking shots lol. Around 4 we dropped his friend off then went to his house. I go into his room while he grabs another beer from the fridge and I start getting undressed. He took the last few magnums I had left out the car and brought them inside. I could see his boner thru his pants and it just made me oh so happy. I swear he has the nicest dick I've ever seen. He puts on some music, turns the lights down and pushes me down on the bed. Face down, ass up. He gets behind me, he's got a beer in one hand and my ass in the other and he starts going slow and I'm trying to figure out which way the night was gonna go. He puts the beer down and then digs his nails into my hips and I'm like ohhhh yeahhh. THIS is the shit that got me hooked. Going so deep it sounds like you've got your own "applause" light that's that shit I DO like. He pushes me down again so I'm laying flat on my stomach while it seems like he's putting all his weight on the small of my back so I can't move. He still hasn't skipped a beat so I'm in la la land. I know I was being loud as fuck but I really didn't care. Ol' rude ass lol I seriously hope it isn't loud enough for everyone on the other side of the house to hear. He would go between pushing me down and then snatching me back up by a fistful of my hair. He'd pull me up so far that he'd choke me with his other hand which is all I ever want in life anyways. He pushed me back down put this time put my legs together and had his legs outside of mine and started drinking his beer again. He started off slow, then started hitting me with those hard deep strokes and he slipped out.
And missed again.
Shit Happens all over again.
But this time I wasn't gonna let that stop me. He laid on his back and I started riding him reverse cowgirl. First on my feet with my back straight. I know he's enjoying the view because he just keeps calling my name with a couple "oh fucks" thrown in there and some ass slappings in between. Then I got on my knees and elbows and rode him slow so he could see it going in and out and I think he liked that better cause every time I'd get tired and would try to get back on my feet he'd push me hella hard back on my elbows lol. After a while he got tired of watching me work so he sat up and spread my legs to east jesus nowhere and took over. I love being fucked rather than doing the fucking cause he hits my g spot better. So while he's getting all wild and crazy I can hear myself getting louder so I bury my face in the mattress and boom I feel him push me away and when I turned around he goes "Oh hey, there's blood". I decided NOT to swallow this time and he walks out the room to go clean up. When he stabbed me with his dick earlier that night I bled a bit. He comes back in eating chips and guac just staring at me with a huge ass boner and I can't take my eyes off it. And even tho the HBIC is throbbing I put my clothes back on.
I get ready to leave and he starts slapping me on the ass and I'm like can I help you sir? He finishes his chips and pulls his dick back out and I'm like round two? I'm not complaining. Get back down on my hands and knees and he grabs his beer and takes a swig. Halfway in I felt him spit before he went all the way in, and normally this irks me but tonight it turned me on a lil bit not even gonna lie. I didn't even bother to take my shirt off so instead of pulling my hair he pulls my shirt and bra instead. I'm trying my hardest to make sure I don't run from him but I guess I wasn't trying hard enough because he shoved my face into the mattress and grabbed my arm behind my back so I couldn't move. And I loved every second of it.
We finished up again and he comes back in with more chips and guac. I get dressed then ask him, where the rest of my condoms were. Last time we wasted three because he kept taking them off, same with tonight. Before I could grab it he grabs it and is like "No, what do you need this for? Who are you gonna have sex with?" So I snatch it back and ask "Who are YOU gonna have sex with?!" and he tells me we should just get rid of it now. I was confused because I was thinking why are we gonna waste a condom? Then he slaps me on the ass a few times and when I turn around he lifts up my shirt and starts rubbing my boobs. I'm like ooooooh okay I gotcha. I open it and hand it to him and put my hands on the wall like I'm under arrest and wait for him to get situated. I take my bra and shirt back off and he slides my pants off and tells me to lay down. I get on my back and he puts my shoulders on his legs and leans ALL the way down. I have to grab my ankles to keep my legs from shaking. It barely works tho, seeing as to my knees were in my damn ears. This is like the best and worst position ever. It's amazing cause it allows for deeper penetration, but at the same time I can't move and when he goes too deep I get a dull ache in my stomach or uterus or whatever the fuck starts hurting, and my legs start shaking like crazy. He is literally throwing his whole body weight into these thrusts and I think my head is about to explode. I can't do shit but dig my nails into his back. He sits up keeping my legs on his shoulder but picking up the pace. I'm just being loud for no reason whatsoever with the baby yes's oh my god's and fuck's and whatnot...I would had to see myself in a porn...He pulls out and flips me over on my stomach and literally KILLS my vag. And the great thing was we came at the same time;) I can't recall if that's ever happened before but tonight it was amazing. And I guess I didn't notice him pull the condom off earlier again cause he came on my ass, threw a sheet on me and wiped me down, then slapped my ass and said "You're welcome". I was still on saturn somewhere. I had no control of my legs whatsoever, they refused to move when I tried getting dressed again, so I just lied there, trying to catch my breath. This fool comes back into the room with a big ass bowl of guac and chips and is just munching away. He sat down next to me and his dick was still pretty hard so I grabbed it just to measure with my fingers how girthy it was. I can make a ring with my index finger and thumb nails touching.
And I wear acrylics.
And I need a fill.
I'll let you use your imagination for that one.
Finally I have some strength in my legs and I get dressed, and he keeps football slapping me on the ass and I get in my car thin king I'm about to drive to LA. Silly girl you can't even push the pedals down because not only are your legs weak but your cooch hurts and everything is too sore to move! So I really just sat in my car in front of his house for half an hour before I hit the road. And when I got to work that night the girls told me I didn't miss anything cause everyone did shitty. Which made my night THAT much better.

And there you have it. There is your Happenis update.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryyy

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