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Friday, November 26, 2010

Its Over.

That's it babes an gents.
Blue Magic cut me off cold turkey, and I don't even know why.
It's crazy how you can do everything right, yet things still go to shit.
I kept telling myself that man was too good for his own good.

Basically he hit me up around 3:30 a.m., and I was sleeping with the phone on vibrate.

3:35 a.m. "You awake?"
3:47 a.m. "Sleeping then"

So naturally when I woke up I texted him back an was like yeah I was sleeping, maybe next time.
No answer.
Told him happy thanksgiving.
No answer.
I have all my contacts linked in my phone to twitter and fb. And as I was going through my phone book I noticed his picture wasn't there.
Sure enough I go to fb and that dickhead deleted me.
I didn't comment on all of his statuses, flood his timeline or rape his wall or none of that shit. But I was still somewhat hopeful.

Told him I was house sitting for my aunt again.
No answer.

I texted him that I was house sitting around 12, and this time I kept my phone on loud so I could hear it. I got several texts throughout the night, none from him.
So here I sit, dumbfounded as to what the fuck I could have possibly done to piss him off so much.
I know I delete his number when he pisses me off, but then he'll text a few hours later and it's all good.
Deleting me on fb was childish as fuck.
But then again, when I delete someone on fb that means I'm severing all ties with you.
But you would know long before then that I didn't like you, it wouldn't come as a surprise.
So what, are you mad that I didn't answer you that one night? I know of two mutual friends who knew about our situation and they wouldn't say shit anyways.

If something was bothering you, then say something. Don't be a little bitch and play childish ass mind games. Tell me you got a girlfriend. Tell me you're bored. Say SOMETHING. And if my not answering you back is the reason for your little tantrum, then thats stupid as hell and you know it. Especially when you had me drive across town to someones house just to pass out and have me drive home empty handed. I still hit you up the next day and handled my business.

Looks like another drought has welcomed me for the holidays.

Someone send me some encouraging emails to cheer me up.
And my cheer me up, I don't mean send me dick pics or try to take Blue Magics place either.

Now let me not be a bitch and stoop to his level and wish ill will upon him.
I hope he finds what he's looking for.


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For those of you who are still having sex, enjoy

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