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Sunday, November 21, 2010

S&M An Tacos

Good Sunday babes an gents. It's always nice to wake up with a smile on your face an Boz Scaggs on the radio.

Last week I got my issue a little earlier than expected, which was nice:) It was a Thursday and I was just at home chillin' and Mr. Blue Magic hits me up (I have finally settled on a nickname I like. If you don't know what Blue Magic is, then go watch American Gangster and get back to me). I love how casual our convos are:

Blue Magic: trying to get it in?
Me: Always
BM: roll through
M: on my way
BM: kk
M: come outside

We get it in in front of his house again, an this time when he asks me if I want him to finish on my face he pulls out in time. But I decided I wanted to take him in my mouth, which was a pleasant surprise for him. We sit an chat about his day, all the while I'm trying to figure out where I'm gonna spit. When he leaves I'm relieved because I had a mouth full of spit an cum, an wasn't able to talk anymore. I get home an realized I didn't wipe all the cum off my face, because I had some dried on my chin.

"Mom that's drool"

Cut to last night.
I landscaped a few days ago, and I was a little irked that he hadn't hit me up. It seems like whenever I landscape no one is around to see it, they only come around to see me when its growing out. So I was like fuck that, I spent waaaaay too much time in the shower doing this, he is GOING to see!! I hit him up on a whim around 12. No answer. I don't know if I was mad about not getting any, or the fact that I potentially landscaped for nothing. What's a girl to do?? It was either Reader's Digest or self soothing. Welp, off to Porn Hub! About two minutes into my video around 2 am he finally answers me back. So I throw on some clothes an head out. When I get in the car he tells me that he isn't at home, but across town in West Bum Fuck. I suck my teeth an go anyways cause I want some. As I'm driving I have him texting me his whereabouts every two seconds. I can't answer cause I'm on the freeway an the roads are wet, and he's also irking me with the "where r u" texts lol. I get off the freeway and head to the cross streets he gave me, just for him to tell me he gave me the wrong ones an that I just passed him. I bust a bitch an as I'm waiting for a green light I see him take off across the street towards my car. If I didn't know any better I woulda thought I was gettin car jacked!
He hops in the car an he's like "Let's go get some food". We go to this little taco shop, and I swear I felt like I was in Little Mexico. I know the latin club had just let out so it was PACKED. He goes to order the food an I'm sittin at a table. After he orders the food he moves us to a different table.
With all his friends.
Who happen to be celebrating someone's birthday.
Remember I said I just threw on some clothes. So I'm with all these strangers looking like a ghetto rainbow, wishing I was in my backseat already. Everyone is eating and laughing and I'm just thinkin "when are we gonna leave??? I end up eating one of my two tacos an he steals a part of my other taco. His friend looks at him an is like why are you stealing people's food? He informs him "This is my girl. So it's okay" His friend asks if he paid for it an I look at him, cause I paid for it. I said "Well, he ordered it!" and he continues eating.
Once everyones finished eating an getting ready to leave he looks at me an says "Are you wet?" An I just stare at him, cause people were still around. Crazy ass.

We get into the car an he asks me if I just wanna stay on this side of town. Might as well. We're trying to find somewhere to park, and the only places hes picking have street lights. We settle on a spot and hop in the back seat. Since I watched that video beforehand I was already ready. Slid down an he instructed me to go sloooow. So I did. Up and down, he grabs my ass, picks it up an lets it go. Then he pushes me up against the front seat (we looked kinda like a V) an I start grinding on him. This is where the piercing comes in handy:) He switches an gets on top, and I'm trying to hold his shirt out the way an he just takes it off. I like naked sex better anyways lol. He's on top diggin deep, an I can't do anything but dig my nails in his back. I flip over an he tells me to get on the floor so he can hit from the back, smackin' my ass an askin me if I love his dick all the while. He should know the answer to that by now:)
This isn't workin so we get out the car, naked in some strange neighborhood. I get on all fours with my face damn near in the gutter. He's hittin all the points, but because we're outside I can't say anything. He snatches me up by my bun, making me arch my back into him. He yanks me up an grabs my throat. He has no idea what this does to me. Uuuuuuuugh. Choking, spanking, hair pulling I love it all. He stops, pulls out, rips the condom off an keeps going. Guess he didn't like the way they felt lol. I get up, dust my knees off an get back in the car. I hop on an start riding away, sucking on his neck. He returns the favor an starts sucking on my neck. The feeling of him thrusting while getting my neck sucked on at the same time way waaaay more than enough for me. That is the BEST feeling in the world, by far. I'm bouncing on his dick, and at this point I want him on top. So I get on my back an have him get on top. Legs closed, knees together, pressed against his chest he starts drilling away. One hand, two hands on my throat an I beg him not to stop. He starts thrusting harder and I start drifting away. Getting choked when you're about to come, the feeling is like taking drugs. It's an incredible high. He stops choking me an grabs my boobs really hard, and I pull his hair, massage his scalp with my freshly manicured nails. He starts grunting, which lets me know he's close. I demand that he finishes in my mouth so he pulls out and I take him in, just swirling my tongue around the tip. Once I think he's finished I pull out, an *GASP* I had no choice but to swallow.

This man is making me go against everything I believe in. Smh. Lol

I chase it with a Smirnoff Sour Apple Bite an we just lay back there catching our breaths.

M: what?
BM: you!
M: I try:)

He slaps me on the ass an says he's ready to go when I am. I'm still trying to catch my breath. He looked at me an informed me that his dick was sore.
Look, buddy, after dealing with you I can't even properly wipe myself for DAYS. So don't tell me YOU'RE sore. You're not the one walking funny the next day.
I get dressed, an hop in the front seat. He passes out in his boxers, with his hand in em. It was cute. I took the long way home an let baby sleep, cruisin all the way there. Sippin' on my Smirnoff an listenin to the radio it was a nice little drive. When I pull up to his house he's still in a coma. I hop in the back, kiss him on the cheek an tell him we're here. I give him his stuff, an head home. I get in bed, all smiles, smellin like his cologne. Something about smelling like him puts me to sleep. Its nice.

I hope you guys have a nice turkey week:)
Here's some homework to help you burn off some of those post thanksgiving calories


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This is how we get down in the backseat. I like it I hope you will too:)

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Have a nice day:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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