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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something You Didn't Know About Me...

Haaay *wiggles fingers* :) before I get down to business, lemme update you guys on a few thingsss.

1. No sooner did I write that last blog I get a phone call from none other than the pizza man, wanting to see me. I know I am not about to sleep with this man anytime soon and yet I can't tell him to go fuck off. Whyy does he keep coming back?! You would think I sprinkled coke on cooch...In the event of my (sex life's) demise I may keep him around if I ever have the urge to ride a face. He's good for that.

2. The silicone based lube worked wonders:))) When me an Blue Magic have sex rarely is there ever any foreplay involved ( :( ) so when I slide down his pole its a rough start. The lube helped with that. I think he liked it more than I did.
He just kept reaching for the lube the whole night. He even went as far as to unscrewing the top and just dumping the lube on my ass. I have maybe an 1/8th of lube left in the bottle...
I went to the adult superstore to try and get another bottle but they didn't carry the Moist brand >_< but the clerk directed me to the next best thing. Her: "You look a little young to be drying up already"
Me: "We had sex for about 3 hours"
Her: "Oh my..."

The bottle she showed me cost 69 FUCKING DOLLARS. Claimed it would last a lifetime tho. Yeaaaaaah I think I'll just wait til I see him again and we can both peruse the shop. Idk maybe I'll buy a bottle of baby oil that he can put on my body and then a smaller bottle of the lube. Sounds like a plan...

Now for the reason for this blog.
I lead a secret life.
What is this secret life, you ask?

By day, just a normal college kid with a job.
By night, I'm a cam girl.

I don't do it every night, but I do do it on occasion. Puts a nice lil' hunk of change in my pocket.
I don't even remember how I stumbled on the website, but I got curious and it seemed easy enough so I thought, why not?
Camming is some of the easiest shit ever. I sit in my room in lingerie and make money.
For girls who contemplate prostitution or stripping, I'd highly advise you try camming. Its safer than prostitution because you never actually meet these men (and sometimes women) and you don't have to worry about winding up dead in a ditch somewhere, and with the site I have the ability to block states and even whole countries from your web feed, so you don't have to worry about your pastor showing up to the club or walking into a party where your school's football team is celebrating their latest win.
Yeah this type of work isn't for everyone and blah, blah, blah, but it gives me extra mani pedi money and things like that...

Competition within the site is serious. Some of the girls on the site cam as their sole means of work, making like 3k a pay period. In order for me to have that kinda time dedicated to the site I'd have to be living on my own. These girls make movies for sale, sell their underwear, make picture sets for sale...whatever you can think of. Selling undies at 100 bucks a pair just for me to put em on, take a pic of me in them and ship em out is a pretty good deal.

Now, the actual camming is where I make the most money. Start off in a public chat with everyone, and I just it and chat an listen to music. Occasionally I'll get tipped and I'll flash the people for a quick minute. I never show the kit kat in pubic chat just because people who aren't even members can watch and you can't get everything for free. Then there's private chat that costs 3 bucks a minute, and I generally do whatever the person asks. Group chat is .50 a minute, which isn't a lot, but at the same time I'll have like 10 people in the room at the same time. SOOOOOO that's how that works.

I even had a friend who signed up for the site just so he could tip me to see my ass, since he couldn't very well see it in person. Talk about awkward...
Little does he know he could have seen my ass for free if he had just asked. But hey, money is money and who am I kidding?

This is what I like to call capitalizing on my sexuality. Looks fade, and I might as well do it while I still can.


Courtesy of
He said I don't have to keep waiting on him to hit me up. I can tell him to dick me down NOW and I can have what I want. Taking full advantage!!

Well if ya don't know, now ya know!
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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