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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coincidence? I Think Not!!!

I think god has a sense of humor. Blue Magic had me stressed out all week with his nonsense just to find out he was just "testing me"...whatever the fuck that means. All I know is he better not do that shit again. We went out and partied, which was fun. At the party there was this chick that he kept mentioning we should have a threesome with. Took me a minute to figure out who he was taking about and when I did...she was cute. But enough to make me wanna fuck her? Naaah. Psh I don't want my first girl on girl experience to be during a threesome, especially with him there. He kept trying to get nw to talk to this chick and his drunk ass wasn't understanding that I can't just talk up to some random chick and start talking to her. Because we don't have shit to talk about. So he took it upon himself to talk to the chick himself. I'm watching the whole thing go down, just embarrassed as shit. I don't know what he told her exactly, but I felt like a creep.
Someone spilled a beer on the table and I noticed his phone got wet. So I went to give it to him and as I walked up the girl says "oh yeah, you're hot" and said something like I have nice big lips that he would enjoy. Um, thanks...and then it got awkward. So I walked away. He chatted with her some more and came back over to me talking about I choked and why am I bailing and blah blah blah...look my thing is this: if were gonna do this, then I'M picking the third party.
So we enjoy the rest of party and we head out. This party was downtown and I was parked on a main street and he kept telling me to get in the backseat. Were back there, and ok scared half the time because people keep walking by and cars arte going by, but he's like relaaaaax you're fiiiiine. I tried to push the possibility of getting arrested out of my head and just enjoy myself. And for the most part I did.

Until it happened.

He was sitting and I was on top squatting over him and I was telling him I didn't like that position cause he kept slipping out. But he ignored me and asked me if I was ready for him to kill. I said yeah and he started pounding away.

And he slipped out...

And that one powerful thrust...

I felt like I had been stabbed in the cooch.

Me: game over. I'm done. OUCH I need a napkin.
Him: what's wrong you bleeding?
*reaches down and catches clit jewelry*
Me: what the fuck??? You ripped my shit out!!!

The tip of his dick snagged onto my vertical clitoral hood piercing and ripped it clear the fuck off. (i ask CRINGING as I relive this moment in my head).

Why am I being punished for?! I can't help that I like my sex rough but god damn!
I just...ugh...

We go out for tacos (and the little mexican bitches weren't staring at me this time) and the advice nurse tells me to go back to the ER.

We head to the hospital and while he's sleeping in the car. I go in and get seen in about 30 minutes...just for those bitches to tell me to soak in a hot bath. I'm paying you a 50 dollar copay just for you skeezers to tell me to take a damn bath?! Why couldn't the advice nurse tell me this and save me a trip and 50 bucks??

Now I'm one piercing less (that they advised me NOT to get redone) and I'm sad. I'm mad that his dick is once again A-OK. I'm also mad that he woke me up this morning STILL talking about that girl. I understand we aren't together and you go do what you do boo boo but don't tell me about it! I don't give a shit, nor do I care to know that you think she's a dime. If it don't have to do with me I don't wanna hear the shit. I don't wanna have a threesome with her but if you wanna fuck her then by all means *be my fucking guest* just keep that shit to yourself.

Now I'm pissed the fuck off.

Fuck the god damn shit. I'm tired of this motherfucking shit.
Miss Sixxxty, you very own freak of the industryy
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  1. aren't ya'll monogamous?

  2. Even tho that wasn't the main point of the blog I'll answer your question anyways.
    He informed me that we are now swingers.

    Any more questions?