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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Alright this blog is about to be as scatterbrained as my mind right now. So bear with me. Where to begin...

So it's finally happening, I'm getting breast augmentation!!! I've been wanting this since I first hit puberty and realized I was not gonna be a busty bitch. I mean I have a lil somethin somethin, but for the most part I A. never go braless in public B. everything is usually padded up the wazoo. That's one thing people are failing to realize MY TITS ARE AN ILLUSION!!! So stop saying "your boobs are fine you don't need one." Let's not start telling me what I do and do not need. I'm not doing this for you or to even look good for you I'm doing this for me, to look good for ME, cause at the end of the day I'm the last person I see. I'm a 32A, droppin 4 g's for some double D's! Obviously I had to work with what I was given out of necessity, but it will be oh so nice to not even need a bra anymore. I hate that I can't wear tube tops or even halter tops without having to buy a bra with all kinds of hooks and straps. I hate strapless bras because I can't have padding and the stupid things are always falling down. Once I have new boobies that won't be an issue. You bitches think I got confidence now wait til I drop an fluff (boob job lingo).
So for the babes out there curious, here's some stats for ya:

Height: 5'2 (on a good day)
Weight: 115ish...
Pre-op Cup Size: 32A *waaaah*
Type Of Implant: Silicone
Profile: High Profile
Incision: Crease
Cc's: ehh...375ish...but I'll know fer sure at the pre-op appt.
Unders/Overs: Under the muscle

So yeah...I got two jobs now and the second job will pay for my surgery...If my calculations serve me correctly they should be paid for by July:) Be expecting a lot of blogs post-op while I'm recovering since I won't be doing anything but sitting on my ass since I'll be too sore to do anything else. Including sex.

Speaking of which...its been 3 weeks exactly since I last had a sexual eruption, and surprisingly (and a lil scary) I'm handling it pretty well. I haven't threatened to end anyone's life, haven't had the urge to blow shit to pieces...and it scares me a bit. Maybe I just don't care about sex anymore...Maybe I just don't care about HIM unlike me!!! Could this be a sign of some sort of mental illness? I'll just chalk it up to the fact that I work ungodly hours and am running low on sleep and right now sex isn't high on the priority list because I need sleep and sex would interfere with the sleep I sooo desperately need in order to be productive at work to pay for my surgery!!!!!!!!!!!

...Although I wouldn't mind getting my issue again...shit it's been three damn weeks. That's a fucking record (at least since the drought ended). I feel like I'm in a baby drought right now. Everyone's just like "Oh, just bust out the toys and masturbate" yeaaaaaaaaaaahno that doesn't cut it in my book sorry...basically my whole thing is this: tell me when it's over. Then at least I know I can officially declare a state of emergency. I'm not too fond of disappearing acts...

Back to boobies. Another thing, looks like in order to get my surgery I need to move out. Apparently my priorities are out of whack and my father ain't havin that shit. I'm saying if I pay "rent", the bills are still paid on time and I've got extra "mad money" who gives a flying fuck what I choose to put the extra money aside for? I bet if I was saving for a car this wouldn't be such a big fucking issue. Yeah I'm electing to have surgery but I don't see a difference in saving for the surgery and saving for anything else that requires me to save a large amount of money. So once the tatas are all paid for time to ship out. Cause I'll be damned if I turn 21 (in september:)) and still have a damn curfew. But anywhoo I found an apartment, its gorgey:) just not too crazy that its hella far away from my morning job=/ but sacrifices must be made! I hope this doesn't strain my relationship with my fam, they need to understand I'm not letting the opinions of others get in the way of my happy:)

As far as sex goes...the only sex stories I have are the ones in my head. And btw the *semi famous guido* is following me on twitter again:)) gotta try to remember not to scare him off this time lol hopefully they'll be done shooting season 4 by the time I have my surgery, that way I can catch him in Vegas and it will be a WRAP.

*Sigh*...I really need to find someone who doesn't ration the dick like we're in WWII and is just DTF whenever wherever. This arrangement is starting to not be as beneficial as I had hoped=/

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH yes that brings me to another thing: If you are a man, and its after 1am, DO NOT text my phone something along the lines of

"Yaa I guess welll I could tell u something that's hard right now : )"

If you have no intentions of letting me have that!!! That is just like...The rules of texting after midnight! When I'm sexually frustrated I don't wanna hear that shit unless I'm straddling you an can feel your boner thru your pants. Good day SIR.

...I heard he had big dick and I am DYING to see if its true an see if he knows what to do with it. He needs to stop bullshittin already...


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  1. SHe still got it... I see u britt... I love her cause she got her own.

  2. yeah i semi got it lol
    i'ma try real hard to pull somethin out my ass these next few weeks tho