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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just An FYI...

I'm a crazed working woman now.

blog coming soon. be expecting:

* my breast augmentation journey. and the fact that my parents may borderline be kicking me out if i get the shit done (which i AM). I'll post pre op an post op pics @ the appropriate times
* my feelings on why society equates a high female sex drive to a whore.
* that stripper blog I've been putting off off OFF.
* my quest for the VCH: pt. II
* more sexless blogs (well, at least not any CURRENT sex stories)
* or maybe...if things don't work out... ;)
* and whatever the fuck else I feel like writing about. I'll try to post when iI get off from job numero uno tomorrow. to pornhub to have a lil "me" time since I can't have any "us" time. This is pure fucking bullshit. Its been 2 fucking weeks now #cmonson

...Maybe everyone is just waiting for me to go bat shit Charlie Sheen crazy. Next thing you know you'll be seein my ass on tv w/ male prostitutes locked in my bathroom at some swanky ass hotel room while I do blow off his I.D. Who knows...

All I know is I better be feeling a real life human penis in my vag pretty fucking soon or it's WWIII in this bitch.

no fucking joke.

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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