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Saturday, January 21, 2012

When I Tell You Guys...

...that I just received the best head of my fucking this shit was life changing...i swear I just want to share the awesome news with any and everyone that will listen but for obvi reasons ill keep my trap shut about town is way too small...but this shit...was AMAZEBALLS. I mean he was a great kisser to start off with (no busted lip or engulfing my mouth within his...) Gentle when he needed to be, and gently nibbling on my bottom lip not trying to rip it off like a baby wildebeast. I hopped in his lap and kept at it, and he picked me up and carried me from the couch to the bed (FINALLY got manhandled!!). He went from kissing me, to kissing my neck (drools) then he sat up, took his shirt (what a lovelyyy sight) and took my pants off. When he just dove down there no questions asked I was a lil surprised but man oh man did he go. To. Fucking. TOWN. He slid the panties to the side and worked it a lil bit...then just took em completely off and enjoyed himself some 4th meal. I'm pretty sure he serenaded GiGi with a song and she liked it. A lot. Just an amazing combo of licks, sucks and those FANGASSS my god...he doesn't just ram them in there either he knows how a vagina is built and works so he does the whole "come hither" thing with his fingers and just assaults the fuck out my gspot. I was almost worried I was going to glaze him! I kept running so he hoofed his arms around my legs and buried himself in my thighs...YES MA'AM YES LAWD!!! I dont think I can go on about his grade A head game enough. Fuck what the rest of these little boys were doing...i thought I was getting good head my entire sexual life until he fell into my lap. Before I wasn't ever big on head, if you were a giver no then great if not I wasn't tripping either way but THAT shit right there...i would LOVE that shit all the time.

Oh, and trust and believe I gladly returned the favor. I sucked his dick like my life depended on it. Had to show my gratitude lol...

Unfortunately had to take a rain check on the sex:/ but I am waiting to cash it in...whenever he's ready;)

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy


  1. Ah yes my current girl has such a perfect little box, I love going down on her. She doesn't have to ask.

  2. He's not tryna come off the goods anymore