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Monday, January 14, 2013

What REALLY Happened In Vegas

Well I figure since I'm like SINGLE single I can be honest about my Vegas trip. I DID, in fact, not only FINALLY had birthday sex, but I finally got laid in Vegas. Killing two birds with one stone whoop whoop!I went to Vegas the weekend of my birthday "with" my friends. We didn't really plan the trip together but we realized we were both planning separate trips around the same time so we decided to go at the same time. I was gonna go on Thursday and they would come Friday. So Thursday night I hung out with my friend who lives there, he bought me dinner, took me to a few lounges and bars and we gambled at the craps table. I gambled 500 bucks of his money and we ended up making like 2300. He gave me a cut for being a "lucky charm" and I went shopping at the outlets the next day to find an outfit for my birthday. On my way back into town I picked up the girls from the airport while the boys caught a cab. I knew everyone in the group pretty good except this one dude. I had only met him twice before in the previous two weeks and even then I didn't even talk to him. Shit I barely knew his name. But we made plans to meet back at their room later that night to go to TAO (because that guy had a "connect"...smh never again). Before I met up with them I met up with my local friend where he bought me more drinks. I drunkenly took the tram from Treasure Island to The Mirage (ladies don't EVER do that) where they were staying so we could go. I had never seen my friends truly dressed up and I thought we looked sharp. But gad damn did this Mystery Dude just look...extra delicious tonight...The other two times I had seen him we were both looking pretty bummy. But I will say he cleans up very nicely. I remember telling myself "Okay if I have to pick someone out this group to fuck it would def be him." but I didn't think too much of it. We went to the lobby of the Venetian to wait for this promoter dude and we literally spent a fucking hour waiting on him. Like I was falling asleep waiting. In the meantime one of our friends barely made it out of the elevator he was so drunk. Throwing up in garbage cans nshit. He finally just had to throw in the towel and go back up to the room because he was beyond yoasted. The guy finally shows up and he takes us to TAO and we just cut the line. Once we got inside I was pissed because they were playing electronic music. I'm not a big nightclub fan already and when I do go I wanna shake my ass and whatnot. I can't get down to electronic music like that, that's more lounge music to me. We walk to the bar and when I had my back turned my other friend puked on everyone standing near him at the bar so they kicked him out and he went back to the room as well. I stood by the wall while they cleaned it up with two of my girlfriends and the Mystery Dude came over with a shot of patron for me. Way in the back back days I overdid it with the tequila one afternoon and after that my body literally rejects it. I can't take a tequila shot without gagging. And I tried to politely refuse it and he was like "Dude I just spent 80 bucks on shots and you're not even gonna drink it??" I told him he should've asked me first and he took my shot for me. He grabbed me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Let's dance" and one of the girls followed us. Before we even found an open area to dance in some guy grabbed her and she looked at me and I was like Go! He was cute, it's Vegas, why not? When we finally found an open area we danced for a song or two and he grabbed one of my hands and put it on the back of his neck while he held me around the waist. I was thinking "Fuck he smells good" and before I knew it he leaned down and kissed me. So I was making out with him in the middle of the dance floor. Everything was going fine until he put his hand up my dress. He got like one finger past me and then I snapped back to reality and remembered where I was. These two white girls were looking at me saying "Oh My GOD." And I'm thinking it's okay...this is Vegas...crazy shit always goes down here don't look so surprised. But he grabbed me by the arm again and tried to find a better place to continue making out but wherever we went we were in the way. When we couldn't find the other girls I think we decided to leave. You know how when you see celebrity couples The guy is damn near dragging his girl? That's what he was doing to me all around the casino and I loved every minute of it. Of course I'm getting stares from black dudes but whatever....Ever so often he would stop to ram his tongue down my throat and he got no complaints from me. When we finally made it back to their hotel both my friends were already passed out. Why we went back to his room, still have no idea. One of my friends woke up and stumbled off to the bathroom where he went to go puke. The Mystery Man went to go tend to him and my other friend's phone rang I answered it and it was two of our friends we had left behind pranking me pretending to be the front desk. While I'm on the phone he comes up behind me and  starts kissing my neck and I have to end the call immediately. He picked me up and laid me on the ground and started sucking my neck which is my one fucking weakness. As much as I didn't want him to stop I didn't want to risk waking up one of my friends cause I didn't wanna explain why I had his dick in me. So I stopped him while he was trying to finger me and suggested we go back to my room since I was staying alone. He got off me and sat there for a minute before saying "I have a girlfriend".
Where was all this girlfriend guilt when you were trying to fuck me on the dance floor?!?!?!?! I seriously don't know how the fuck I manage to attract every last fucking man with a girlfriend, but that shit happens. So I got up, pushed my dress down and told him "Look. I'm going to my room. And I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna already do" and I walked out the door. Before the door even closed behind me he came out and followed me to my room. We hailed a cab since I was staying all the way at the end of the strip and he tried to turn it into an episode of Taxicab Confessions. We were doing some serious making out, ten he'd suck on my neck and try to finger me and I honestly would've lt him if the cab driver wasn't being such an obvious creepy fuck like this shit doesn't happen on the daily. I managed to fight him off long enough to get to my hotel and before we got on the elevator he asked if I had any condoms. Mmm, not exactly sir. I had to find a casino employee and ask them where I could buy toothpaste. I didn't wanna flat out ask for condoms, and where there's toothpaste there's condoms. While he went to go buy whatever I waited out in front of the store. This black dude comes up to me asking if I'm lost and I'm like "I'm good." Then he asks where I'm going and what did I do that night and finally he brings his ass out the store and grabs my hand. Dude immediately says "My bad I was just making sure you were good." Bitch I already told you I was good boy stoppp. He just stared at us a little too long but whatever. On the elevator he tried to fuck me until this other couple came in and then it was one of those moments like we knew each other and had finally seen each other after years. We got off on the same floor but went in opposite directions. Once we got into my room he attacked me lol. He pushed me on the bed, then was like I have to go to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I opened the privacy blinds, turned on the lamps and put some music on. I don't know what I was expecting but what I got was definitely not something I necessarily wanted. He's an amazing kisser but because he was so fucking drunk his dick would get soft every few minutes. And he refused to take off his shirt so while we were having sexual dysfunctions we were having wardrobe malfunctions. He started on top for a bit, then told me to get on all fours. Which worked for a while but not long enough for me to feel anything. He pulled out and took his condom off and asked me to blow him for a bit. I did but I forgot how horrible latex makes dicks taste. I had to run to the bathroom and grab a washcloth to wash his dick with before continuing. It's like I could suck his dick long enough for him to hold an erection but when it was time to switch it would vanish. He turned me around and told me how bad he wanted to taste me and if it tasted good. Sir fro,m what I've been told the vag is A1. I always hate when dudes ask me what does it taste like. It tastes like ass and sewage and bong water -_______-. If you can't smell anything I think you're good. I never liked getting licked form the back just because my entire ass is in your face. He laid on the bed and had me get on top where he sucked my boobs and tried his hardest to finish but it wasn't gonna happen. I forgot when I tapped out but I was just like "Hey...I'm gonna go downstairs and get some chicken strips...." And he passed out in my bed. While I was waiting for my food the girls finally called me back, told me they were safe and invited me over to come take a bath with them. I was too tired to drive and didn't feel like catching another cab so I declined. They asked me where the Mystery Man was and I was like "Oh he got really drunk and passed out in my room." When I got back upstairs he was already gone. Everything he brought with him, condoms, mouthwash, bottled water all that shit was gone with him. The next night he wanted to act like he didn't know me. Bitch are you serious?! I said hi and told him he looked nice and bitch gave me this dry ass "Thanks". What happened to the dude that let me sit on his lap and stuff and was actually friendly? So I don't feel bad about writing this blog knowing he has/had a girlfriend since he wanted to act like a fucking dick. And since I'm no longer emotionally invested in anyone I REALLY don't feel bad about the shit. And I never talked to him after that lol.
I just wanna have sex when I want. And if a boyfriend is the only thing that'll offer me that type of stability then...shit.

Just can't get right.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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