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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worst Night Of My Life (By far)

Bueno...after being all happy and giddy in most of my blogs I gotta get real serious right now. I always said I won't hold anything back from you guys. And I'm not. I feel like I need to share this with my beloved babes an gents, because this blog is like my outlet. Here goes.

Saturday night I decided to go out. I finally had a weekend off and I was ready to kick it. Remember the creepy ass dude who kept texting me non stop? Well he sent a text saying he has an open house to come party. So I called our mutual friend to see if it was legit or just another one of his pathetic ploys to try to get me alone. He told me he got the same text too and told me to come. I told him I was skeptical cause dude is annoying and a creeper and he was like dude he's not gonna try anything if I'm there. So I was like fine I'll go.

I had so much fun at the party, discovered that pretty much ANY Arizona drink mixes great with gin or vodka...i also might wanna stop showing the world my boobs...we'll see how far we get with that lol. On my second 7-11 run I brought some guy along with me that I had met that night just to ride along with me and make sure I didn't die. He commented how he thinks its so sexy when women can drive stick shifts lol. After I got my drink he buys a bottle of Hypnotiq and we head back to the party. On the way some guy i hadn't slept with in over 2 almost 3 years hit me up wanting to "hang out:)" after the party. WEEEEEELL sir...i saw my happenis earlier that night, think that's already been taken care of...but thanks for offering your services! (NOT)
so the guy is like why don't you wanna sleep with him? An I tell him I already had sex like 2 hours ago that's nassssty and he starts laughing. Then I tell him while the sex is good he doesn't put out enough and he gives me the whole "if you were my girl I'd have sex with you all the time" and he asked me something about my boyfriend. I was like uhhhh he's not my boyfriend he is just a boy lol and he was like ohh okay well hit me up if you ever need something:) he was cute, I might've considered it but well get to that in a minute. So the party is going on, the Textually Active man was there...i was drunk...but did he try to make a move on me? Nope! All that shit he talks thru texts and he had me in a position where i would've fucked around with him and lo an behold HE DIDN'T TAKE IT. Oh well.
Anyway doe...the creepy dude was CONSTANTLY calling my name the whole night and when I would ask what the fuck he wanted he would say some weirdo shit like "your earrings are so gorgeous, you just don't even know" or tellin me that my eyes or that I was beautiful. Now I love compliments, but this dude just made me wanna punch him in the face!! I went and made yet ANOTHER store run (which brings my drink total to 4) with the same guy, but this time I let him drive because I was semi out of it. As we sit in front of 7-11 he says "i know you won't fuck two dudes in the same night but will you make out With two in one night?" I said "Oh hunnay, I didn't kiss him tonight!" And then we start making out in the parking lot. He was a good kisser:) mmm, baby. We drive back to the party and he asks me if I at least got mine before he got his. I told him no, but I wasn't trippin. So he drives past the house to his car because he "has to get something" and we pull over around the corner. We make out some more and next thing I know my boob is in his mouth. Must. Fight. Temptation!!!! So I told him no, I can't and we should go back to the party and he's like "baby don't you want your nut?" Lololol well yeah but not from you at this moment and not while my vag is still swollen from happenis! So we ended up back at the party and he gave me his number. Either he gave me the wrong one or his phone is off. Either way I'm not trippin.

So this is when the night takes a turn for the worst. So party is over, now its just me, my friend, the creeper and some stranger dude. Drunk and hungry I demand my friend take me to denny's for chicken strips lol but he was being beyond gay and wouldn't take me! We're driving around with this idiot in the back seat telling me I'm beautiful every two seconds and I was just like "DUDE SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TALK TO GOD DAMN MUCH!!!" Then he tried ticking me and I'm like get your dirty hands offa me!!!
We end up back at the house (mind you I STILL haven't gotten my food >_<) and everything is kinda winding down. I'm still too drunk to drive, but i wasn't like stumbling and slurring drunk I was still pretty aware of my surroundings and who all was there. So one of the guys there offers me a blanket from his car because I'm cold and we all go upstairs. I stay in the room and lay down and then my friend comes in and lays (or is it lies?) Down next to me and we go to sleep. I feel a hand on my back and don't think anything of it. Then that hand starts rubbing my back. Still not enough to fully wake me. Then this hand starts sloooooowly reaching in my pants (i was laying on my stomach) and going under my thong. This hand is like all between the cheeks and working its way further down south! I turn to my right and my friend is still sleeping. I turn to my left and wouldn't you know it, there is the creeper head facing away from me but with his hands still in my pants! So I spring up, unplug my phone from the wall and race downstairs, the sick fuck following me all the way down. I get to my car and he holds the door open talking about "omg I think you're really gorgeous but look this is my last night in town can I please please please have a kiss??" No you sick fuck NO YOU CAN NOT!!! Then he starts asking for hugs and shit and all I wanna do is get outta there. I'm pushing his ass off my door cause I can't close it with him there. I finally push his ass far enough to where I can shut the door and drive away. Between 6am an 7am he called me 7 times, all getting sent straight to voicemail. He sent me texts "hey goddess I love you" "hi?!?!?!?!" "you're just so gorgeous" and the one that really pissed me the fuck off was when he said "laying next to you this morning was really comfortable:)" all attempts to ignore this pervert FAILED. I told him he was beyond fucked up for what he did to me and he knew it. Told him never to contact me again or I would make a police report and he starts apologizing, claiming he was drunk. If I was drunk and was able to tell some guy we couldn't have sex and actually mean it then wtf. You came into the room I was in, lied down next to me and started groping me and trying to finger me and you're telling me you did this all in a drunken stupor?! I beg to fucking differ!!! He knew he had absolutely no shot with me sober, or even drunk for that matter cause I still wasn't paying his creepy ass any attention. He waited until he THOUGHT I was unconscious to try to have his way with me. He starts texting me don't be like that and I was texting him back and blah blah blah basically a bunch of bullshit that didn't justify him molesting me in my sleep. When I think about it now I should've just kicked his fucking face in but at the time I didn't wanna cause a scene. He makes me soooo angry and all I can think about is what would I do if we were to ever cross paths again. I could kill him. I eventually ended up telling my friend what happened and he asked why I didn't wake him up. I wish I had. Cause now I feel suuuuper nasty and whenever I think about his hands sliding across my ass and where he was trying to go I get chills. He texted me a day later telling me I left my earrings at his house and he would give it to my friend for me and I was like fine. Then he asked if I was still mad at him and I told him yes and I was beyond repulsed by him. It wasn't like you slapped my ass in public or tried to kiss me you took advantage of me. And he said don't be like that. Ummn excuse me but when you wake up with a stranger trying to finger you it tends to do that to you. Then he was like I understand NO YOU FUCKING DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! I hope he wakes up and finds a big burly ass dude with his dick in his ass and then try to act all nonchalant about it. Perv. Sorry to bum you guys out but that's why I didn't write a blog on our actual birthday...i was stressing out a bit. But don't worry I'm not over here all like about to slit my wrists in the bathtub or anything. I'm cool as long as that sicko keeps his distance. I'll be back to my bubbly horny self in no time...i give it about a week lol happenis always leaves a smile on my face:) If you wanna send some encouraging words or whatever, out give be a piece of your mind about this douche bag leave a comment, email me at or find me wherever. Got the most part I'm probably bored at work lol. BRUTE

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I feel like this could potentially break his penis...but more power to you limber lovers ou tere!

Love you guys,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy


  1. You should think about putting all of these blog posts into a novel one day. I bet you could make some money. People will eat up desciptive compelling stories like this.

  2. i always have that in the back of my mind lol i think i should work on getting my own site to make it all legit an then try to land a book deal:)